Professional storyteller Toni Simmons brings stories to life for Children's Events, Schools, Libraries, Churches, Museums, Festivals, Adult and Family Events. Through the use of rhythms, songs, and audience participation, she places her audience in the story. Her work appeals to audiences of all ages, young and old, and includes a wide variety of literature.

  • Children's Events

    Children's events that involve storytelling are an extraordinary method to improve children's oral fluency and help them comprehend the ideas that will improve their education and writing abilities.

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  • Schools

    Storytelling in schools is a dynamic and innovative way to transform learning. The thought behind it is simple: by figuring out how to recount stories and make verbal reports in front of an audience, kids can develop their verbal skills while improving their leadership abilities.

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  • Libraries

    Children's programs in libraries are a great way to entertain kids and spark a lifelong interest in books and storytelling. Before there was the written word, there were oral stories that were used to recount history and traditions, and storytelling at the library taps into this rich tradition for a new generation.

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  • Churches

    In the Christian tradition, the gospel is often called the Greatest Story Ever Told. A storytelling workshop at your church can make you better at telling this story to churchgoers. A well-delivered biblical story can be the highlight of the parishioners' week.

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  • Museums

    Storytelling in museums brings exhibits to life for visitors and helps them empathize with time periods and cultures that may, at first, seem incomprehensible and alien. This will make museum trips more engaging and memorable for visitors.

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  • Festivals

    Festivals are a great way to bring people together and celebrate community, and storytelling events are a fantastic way to make them even more popular and fun. A festival that involves storytelling events doesn't just revolve around food and souvenirs, but also provides a fun bonding experience that will transport visitors and leave them spiritually nourished as well as physically sated.

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  • Adult and Family Events

    Narration and storytelling has traditionally been a key event at family gatherings, meant to bring the household together, to delight and entertain the whole family.

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Toni Simmons