Programs and Trainings

Professional storyteller Toni Simmons brings stories to life and priorly organizes such workshops available to engage and entertain his audience for Children's Events, Schools, Libraries, Churches, Museums, Festivals, Adult and Family Events.

  • Children's Events

    The story is the reason for such huge numbers of engaging hobbies in our way of life: books, verse, move, craftsmanship, composing, motion pictures. storytelling in children's events itself is an extraordinary method to improve children's' oral fluency and help them comprehend the ideas that support education and writing.

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  • Schools

    The Storytelling Schools technique is a dynamic and innovative way to deal with learning. Our principle thought is basic: by figuring out how to recount stories and make verbal introductions, kids create extraordinary oral relational abilities while acing the language and thoughts they requirement for resulting composing.

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  • Libraries

    Children Librarianship was created and stories were utilized as an approach to keep children's consideration. Narrating has consistently been utilized as an approach to go down old stories and history before it was recorded in books. Today the two books and advanced media proceed with this convention, yet a live individual recounting to a story still gives an encounter that is not normal for whatever else.

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  • Churches

    Storytelling workshops in the church make us ready to believe why stories are imperative to live. You will be progressively happy with utilizing your voice, face, and body to recount stories. You will see how to structure a story that moves individuals emotionally. You will think about how to recount stories about troublesome points to vulnerable populations.

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  • Museums

    Historical center(museum) Hack aides are master storytellers; which is meant to build up art by recounting to 100,000+ stories at galleries everywhere throughout the world. Visitors on these visits preferred our accounts so much they welcomed storytellers to give Storytelling Workshops at their organizations.

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  • Festivals

    The occasion that highlights neighborhood, local or potentially broadly known oral storytellers. Every storyteller will have a booked measure of time to share a story (or stories) with a crowd of people. The highlighted storytellers are frequently expert performing specialists, yet semi-expert or novice storytellers may likewise be incorporated among the occasions.

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  • Adult and Family Events

    Narrating is quickly turning into a dying art in our way of life, however in the event that we lose our accounts we lose portions of ourselves. In this occupied, broke, speed-of-light world, our accounts very frequently go ungathered. We've to a great extent surrendered the convention of visiting around family dinner tables and spending long evenings on entryway . while the children and people sit at the knee of the more established ones.

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Toni Simmons